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Over the last  15 years there has been a tremendous amount of research conducted which has shown that indoor plants not only beautify indoor spaces, they also make them a healthier and more productive place to live in.
The results of Dr. B.C. Wolverton's research on air purifying benefits have been widely reported in both print and broadcast media. Wolverton has shown that plants such as the Bamboo Palm and Madonna Lilies can reduce the level of airborne VOCs, such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. Just ask us about all the latest results in this field and we can advice you as to which plants would best suit your situation.

Also, did you know that Virginia Lohr has conducted tests which show that plants not only remove VOCs from the air, they also improve the humidity inside buildings by up to 20 percent?

In addition to this research, much work has been done by researchers such as Ulrich and Simons which proves how people feel better about an indoor space with greenery than they do about one without. People were shown to be more relaxed, which can improve productivity, reduce stress, and reduce blood pressure. They have many psychological benefits.

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